Content Warning: sex misogyny
You have inspired exactly too 
many late night rubs, breast 
cupping myself into sleeping.
So let my tongue wagging begin: 

We know your voice is a spoon licked
clean of molasses, parting from two 
difficult lips, smooth, messy, thick. 
And I know you aspire

to be a strong female figure
like Elvis, who man-twerked his 
sex box to the grave and it
rattled in his left pocket long
before television had color, 

long before daddy had his breaky heart,
but you are right, Miley. No one dares 
to slutshame a man, but the rest of us
are still denied sexuality that can wiggle.

So hike it higher, Miley. Show us your best
self wedgie. Show us how to fight
these double standards, show us how to box
these boys with our wobbling buttocks.

Empower us! Hail our hymens! Tuck my hair behind my ear. 
Growl something sweet and ratchet. And know this:  
For me, it wasn’t your slippery tongue, Miley. It was your cameltoe.
The first time I saw it, I thought I found myself a wicked Southern Bell.


SEA SHARP is a Pushcart Prize winner (2017), a Hammer and Tongue poetry slam finalist (Brighton, 2015/16), and a Prairie Seed Poetry Prize winner (2015/16). They are also a Kansas State University graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing and Literature and minor degrees in Theatre and also Women’s Studies. Sharp was the first poet to be featured on the Black Vegans Rock website (launched in 2016). They are passionate about intersectional veganism, black feminism, and other social movements that actively work towards empowering marginalised people, whilst dismantling all forms of oppression.

Sharp is Afro-Native American, LGBTQ+, a self-proclaimed “refugee of Kansas,” and also a naturalised British citizen who lives in East Sussex with their husband.

Please visit Sea Sharp’s website: or follow them on most social media: @SeaThePoet