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For this round of bitalks, we invite you to talk about being bi and non-monogamous relationships, specifically, being polyamorous, in open relationships, or queerplatonic relationships. Being bi often makes dating and relationship more tricky to navigate as it is, but, while seeking non-monogamous relationships can be even more challenging, being polyamorous or having queerplatonic relationships can also have positive aspects.

  • Tell us about your non-monogamous or queerplatonic relationships. How did you meet? How do you navigate the relationship(s)? Do you have any nice stories?
  • Being bi and polyamorous or having open relationships is one of the stereotypes about bi people. So, if you’re bi and polyamorous/in open relationship, how do you feel in LGBT community/spaces and in society? What can be done to make you feel welcome and accepted?
  • How does being bi and polyamorous interact in positive ways in your life?

Queerplatonic relationships have unique aspects and do not necessarily “replace” romantic relationships. How are your queerplatonic relationships viewed by people in your lives and in LGBT/bi communities? ----How do you explain to others the difference between your relationship and romantic/sexual relationships?

This topic will be open for 2 weeks, ending on May 17.

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