Content Warning: homophobia biphobia hiv

Since each party released their LGBT manifestos we’ve seen quite a lot of overlap between their pledges. Recently, the main parties, excluding UKIP, released their plans to further equality for LGBT people. We’ve seen a lot of overlap between parties, with most of them making the same four pledges in slightly different flavours.

We will pardon the remaining historic convictions for same-sex relationshipsConservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, The Green Party.

We will review hate crime legislationConservatives, Labour, Plaid Cymru, The Green Party

We will review the 12 month ban on gay blood donorsLiberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru, The Green Party

Mandatory LGBT-inclusive sex education in schoolsLiberal Democrats, The Green Party

Mandatory anti-homophobia policies in schoolsLiberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru, The Green Party

Revitalise HIV treatment and Gender Services in the NHSThe Green Party

Treat LGBT asylum seekers betterLabour, The Green Party

Promote LGBT rights abroadLabour, Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru, SNP, The Green Party

Target homophobia in Commonwealth nationsThe Green Party

Improve Gender ServicesLabour, Plaid Cymru

Increase LGBT representation in public officesLabour

End homophobic football chantsLiberal Democrats

Final Count: Conservatives (2), Labour (6), Lib Dems (6), Plaid (5), SNP (1), Greens (9)

As you can see, Labour, Lib Dems, Plaid and Green agree on many of the same things. Conservatives are doing the bare minimum and SNP seem to have bigger things on their mind. Let’s summarise.

Conservatives: Might not implement any positive changes.

Labour: Their LGBT goals won’t change your mind about them.

Liberal Democrats: Vote yellow if you’re particularly tired of homophobia in footy.

Plaid Cymru: They have specific goals and have already implemented some of them.

The Green Party: Have the most plans and good intentions.

SNP: LGBT people aren’t their priority.

UKIP: Do I really have to say anything here?

All in all, the parties’ LGBT policies might not change your mind about them however by simply looking at each party’s goals you can get a good feel for what they stand for.


Alexander Winter is a starry-eyed and unemployed post-grad, based in Wales and trying to make it as a writer. Twitter: AJWinter_1