Content Warning: rape abuse fetishization

(Image of Godzilla with palm to face, facial expression disgust, frustration and exhaustion)

In Harrie Farrow’s latest piece “10 THINGS YOU MAY THINK SOUND SUPPORTIVE OF BISEXUALS BUT AREN’T" she raises a critical point regarding an assumption about our bi identity.

”and it’s not about being cool or getting lots of fun attention, and we totally resent you implying that it is.” — Harrie Farrow

We also resent this false assumption about our identity whether it comes from other queer folks or the straight community. The “fun attention” assumption leads us bi trans & cis women of color to be violated, raped, assaulted, touched without our consent and often killed. Let’s keep raising awareness that our capacity to form attractions to 2 or more genders is NOT for fun attention nor an invitation for non consensual sexual advances. - gwendolynwriter

Read more of Harrie’s piece here :