Content Warning: biphobia

A few days ago this post by uinenmessedup started a conversation about our experiences with compulsory heterosexuality (or, in some cases, homosexuality). A few people suggested that it would be a good topic for bitalks, and here we are.

We know that some of the terms in such conversations are subjects of heated arguments on tumblr. So, we ask you to refrain from debating definitions, but focus on your experiences. Regardless how we define them, these experiences all stem from the fact that we live in a heteronormative society where:

  1. everyone’s assumed to be straight until proven otherwise
  2. we’re pressured to adhere to the gay/straight binary
  3. our sexuality is assumed based on the perceived gender of our current partner

So, for the coming to weeks we invite you to talk about your experiences with:

  • compulsory heterosexuality (people assuming you’re straight and you having to prove your sexuality),
  • people assuming your sexuality based on the person you’re dating/in a relationship with/having sex with,
  • being forced into the gay/straight binary,

any other relevant experiences with heteronormativity you want to share.

  • if you have any nice stories - when unexpectedly people actually did NOT assume heteronormativity - please, share them too!

We want to hear from all of you!

This topic will be open for 2 weeks, ending on April 12.

How this works:

Create a new post about this topic, tag it #bitalks as the FIRST tag (after the 5th tag, it won’t show up in the tag)

  • We will reblog the posts (except biphobic stuff if that arises), and quality commentary/responses as well (sometimes we miss stuff, so if you want to make sure we reblog your commentary, shoot us a message with the link to it)!

  • We will create a masterpost when this topic closes and credit to tumblr usernames unless otherwise noted in your post.

Please tag trigger warnings as necessary.

You can also submit your #bitalks posts to Bitopia Magazine. You can do so by e-mailing them:

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