Content Warning: chronic illness ableism

Many bi folks (especially bi folks on tumblr) live with some sort of chronic illness - physical, mental or combination of both. Both being bi and chronically ill shape our identities and our experiences. They influence the way we navigate bi and general LGBTQ+ spaces and communities. So, this time we’d like to discuss what it means to bi and chronically ill and what we can do to make sure we’re including and supporting chronically ill members of our communities.

Below are some questions you can talk about, but also feel free to share any thoughts on the topic. We want to hear from all of you!

  • If you’re chronically ill, what does being bi and chronically ill mean for you? How do being bi and chronically ill make up part of your overall identity?
  • How does being chronically ill and bi influence each other and your daily life?

If you’re chronically ill, how do you participate and feel in the bi community? If you’re not chronically ill, what do you do/can do to make sure that chronically ill bi folks are supported and included in our communities and events?

  • This topic will be open for 2 weeks, ending on March 15.

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Thank you!