Today’s #SelfCareSunday idea is to keep a journal to reflect on your daily self care. Make it part of your nightly routine to sit down for five or ten minutes and write about your day - your feelings, needs, frustrations, joys, and the ways you took care of yourself. Remember that there will always be things that you “could have” done for self-care. That’s okay. Try to focus on the things you did do to take care of yourself and praise yourself for them. Here are some examples of things to write about:

  • Physical self care: What did you eat today? What did you drink, and how much water? Did you get physically active? How did you sleep last night? Did you shower, brush your teeth, take medications, use lotion on dry skin? Talk about all the ways you took care of your body.
  • Emotional self care: What were your feelings throughout the day? What are you feeling now? Did you connect with friends and loved ones today? What things did you do today to relax, laugh, or smile? If you’re feeling down right now, what’s just one small feel-good thing you can do before you go to bed?
  • Psychological self care: Think again about your feelings today. If you had upsetting feelings today what things did you do to cope with them? Have you processed those feelings? Did you happen to utilize any recovery resources today, like a support group, a counselor, an online survivor group, a book, a website? Did you do anything to manage stress today, like write a to-do list or go for a walk to clear your head?
  • Self affirmations: Fill in these lists (or make some of your own!) - five things I love about myself, five things I am grateful for, 2 things I did today that I am proud of, 1 goal for tomorrow.

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