Content Warning: racism anti-blackness abuse misogynoir misogyny

Not even the counting the violence I have faced from straight white men, I feel like I am despised. I am both hypervisible and erased.

I am supposed to be the silent supporter of everyone.

White feminists hurl abuse at my brothers and fathers, blame me for the abuse I face then expect my support for their feminism.

Black men expect me to be their protest manager, mother, wive, lover and pack horse but never their equal.

The LG(BT) community expect my silence, my acquiescence, expect me to ignore my identity and my struggle for a ‘cohesive’ identity.

My life is one of invisibility. The communities that are supposed to support me erase me, and hurl abuse at me the moment I open my mouth to speak out for myself.

Biwoc are constantly erased, abused and silenced. We are often so busy just surviving, we haven’t the energy to stand up and be counted.

I am constantly told that my life doesn’t matter. That my experiences don’t count unless they’re to prop up other people. That my voice has no place in the world.

I have fought so hard to make myself seen. Despite my depression and my anxiety and everyone telling me to sit down and be quiet, I will make myself heard.

M. E is a Black British polyamorous bisexual cis woman and final year history student. She's a feminist/womanist, makeup enthusiast, vegan foodie and budding activist.


Second generation British-Nigerian fat agender person. Style enthusiast, decent baker and lazy poet.

Find me on instagram @mazisahedgehog