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The super-rich don’t care about us. It will be their downfall

“Recently, an Oxbridge-educated CEO in all seriousness told me that there has been no increase in inequality in this country. My jaw was slack with amazement when another told me that “inner London secondary pupils have the best exam results of any in the world”.”

tw: classism, child poverty

Finding a Respectable Murder Victim

“We’re very choosy about the victims we decide to glorify, you see. They can’t remind us of things we consider unpleasant. They can’t be poor or unable to speak English or the wrong colour or the wrong religion. They can’t be sex workers or queer or trans, and we’d prefer if they weren’t female (unless they happen to be conventionally attractive, wealthy and virginal, of course). They can’t live in countries we don’t know how to locate on a map. They can’t have been doing anything we claim we wouldn’t do at the time of their murder. Muslims? In hijabs? Definitely not martyr material. Not front-page primetime news martyr material, anyway.”

tw: racism, murder, hate crimes

The colour of Muslim mourning

“Despite a few vocal critics, Mattan's erasure in the discussion of Islamophobia in North America is evident. The exclusion of Mattan and Sheikh-Hussein perpetuates a harmful hierarchy that privileges Arab narratives and excludes black/African Muslims. This racial stratification relegating black Muslim lives is evident as much in death as it is in life.”

tw: racism, murder, hate crimes

Stop Asking Already: 6 Reasons Why Intimate Partner Violence Survivors Stay in Their Relationships

“These are six reasons why survivors of intimate partner violence might stay in their relationships. They’re obviously not the only ones, but many other factors will fall into these broad categories. Next time you want to ask someone why they stayed, remember these – and remember that it isn’t that simple.”

tw: rape, domestic abuse, domestic violence

Black, queer, feminist, erased from history: Meet the most important legal scholar you’ve likely never heard of

“Ginsburg named Murray and Judge Dorothy Kenyon as co-authors of her brief in the Reed case, because even though they didn’t help to write it, these two women had been pioneers in creating the legal strategy for fighting sex discrimination. Ginsburg’s choice to name these women as co-authors is a model for how to solve contemporary issues among young feminists over white feminists’ appropriation without attribution of the intellectual and political labor of women of color.”

Tw: racism, homophobia, classism, transphobia, article uses the trans asterisk

For Homeless Women, Getting Their Period Is One Of The Most Difficult Challenges

“Homeless women typically know where to find a safe place to sleep or a hot meal to eat. But when it comes to taking care of their feminine hygiene needs, they often have nowhere to turn. Tampons and sanitary pads usually top the list of needs at shelters, since they’re pricey and supporters don’t often donate them, social workers told Al Jazeera. Compounding the issue is the fact that clean showers are also scarce, and not washing during menstruation can lead to infections.”

tw: cissexism

45 Ridiculously Adorable Kittens

Kittens. Because we all need kittens.

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