Content Warning: racism child death ableism transphobia transmisogyny

Important things to know about the treatment and history of Native Hawaiians, especially if you’re going to visit.

Jarune Uwujaren takes the idea that the social context of patriarchy adds meaning beyond individual choices to women’s performance of sexuality and, unlike every other article I’ve ever seen discussing this, turns it into a call for everyone to dismantle that patriarchy while placing the responsibility for the way women are treated onto the whole of society rather than using it to call women who take their clothes off bad feminists.

TW: Islamophobia I’m sure you’ve all come across the incident already. This is just unreal. As a British person your editor finds this especially funny while also really, really not at the same time.

TW: homophobia, violence, gender policing Muslim drag queens in England’s gay Asian community exist, are awesome and deal with a lot of hate and abuse from all sides.

TW: cancer, ableism, death A response by a cancer survivor to the astonishing article written by a non-sufferer claiming that we should stop trying to cure cancer as it is “the best death”.

A practical guide to navigating genital health and pap smears as a trans man.

TW: transmisogyny, transphobia A pair of articles about the recent refusal to allow a trans woman access to the Kotel and the changing ways the Orthodox community deals with the LGBT community, some of whom overlap with their own.

In which its not actually Russia that did the thing for once.

TW: rape, rape culture, misogyny

Because apparently men are oppressed by the state.

TW: hunger This is not the article you think it is.

TW: death, child death, illness Whatever you think of GMO crops this is an important read.

TW: child death, illness, ableist language This blog post explains why vaccination is outside of the realm of parents rights and instead a right of the child.