Content Warning: rape mention SAD seasonal affective disorder

It is common to feel down in the long winter months, when the weather is less sunny and the days are shorter. But some people experience a form of clinical depression during this time of year beyond the winter blues, called Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. Here are some tips on coping.

  • Get lots of sleep, healthy food, and regular exercise. This is always classic advice but even more important this time of year.
  • Take advantage of all the natural sunlight you can. Sit by a window regularly and try to get outside on sunny days.
  • Take vitamin supplements, especially Vitamin D.
  • Try light therapy. Unfortunately light boxes can be a bit expensive, but keep an eye out for discounts or craigslist ads.
  • Fight cabin fever. Make a point to leave the house frequently, and make consistent plans with friends.
  • If you’re living in a snowy place, embrace the winter weather. Take artsy photographs outdoors, have snowball fights, make snow forts and snow angels, go skiing or camping in a cabin if you can.

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