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Bitalks Topic#12: Bisexuality & Ageism

Our society is obsessed with youth. Old age is usually considered as something very undesirable. Being part of the society, bi community can’t altogether escape the effects of this, especially considering the fact that the stereotypical image of a queer person is that of a young person.

On the other hand, bi folks (much like other LGBTQ+/MOGAI folks) also experience ageism from the opposite side as: bi identity of children, teenagers and even new adults is questioned and not taken seriously because they “can’t be old enough to know”.

So, for these two weeks, we’d like to talk about bisexuality/biromanticism in relation to age. Below are some questions you can talk about, but also feel free to share any thoughts on the topic. We want to hear from all of you!

How do your experiences as a bi person tie into your experiences of being of a particular age?

Do you think ageism is a problem in the bi community? Why?

What could be done to make sure that people of all ages are supported and protected in the bi community?

This topic will be open for 2 weeks, ending on January 18.

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