It began in the Darkness

There were only two roads open to me

The darkness was calling, it promised an end to doubt, guilt and fear, and it was seductive

While the light offered hope and acceptance, but stepping into it would reveal me as weak and afraid

It was a close call but I chose the light

I let it fall on me and showed the world my true self

But the darkness still lurked in the shadows waiting and offering its dark bargain

To eradicate it I needed more light, I learnt I can draw upon the light my friends shone upon me, until I gained the strength to shine my own light

While the darkness hasn't been destroyed completely I now reject it's offers and stride the world no longer fearing rejection or doubt for I know I am loved and accepted

The light has transfigured me

I'm glad I chose the light


Philip Nicholls is an Australian bi poet keen to share his personal journey with the world.