Sorry about the break. Life has demanded my attention and I’ve had to step away from writing for a while. But I’m back and here to talk about fashion!

Autumn is here, so it’s time to switch your kaftan for a woolly jumper, your straw hat for your beanie and gladiator sandals for a pair of boots (but, if you’re in the UK, chances are you only wore the sandals for about 3 days anyway). This article is gonna be about prepping your skincare, wardrobe and makeup for the colder weather and shorter days.


OK, full disclosure time: skincare is not my strong suit! I am blessed with naturally clear and even (if unbelievably oily) skin so I don’t have to do much with it to get to cooperate, but I do have to tweak things as the weather gets colder and the winds harsher. The cold weather can dry out your skin, so you might want to add more moisture to your regimen (this goes for your hair as well). You can do this by applying a serum before your moisturiser. But I don’t like to overcomplicate my skincare, so I just switch out my mattifying moisturiser for something lightweight but moisturising. Same goes for masks; if you use them, opt for ones that add moisture.


I do not have the money to completely replace my wardrobe for every season. So completely changing my colour palette and stashing away everything from the summer isn’t gonna work. My solution? Pick great year-round colours, like black, beige and khaki, and master layering. A light summery shirt can become perfect for midwinter with the addition of a t-shirt underneath and a super cute jumper or cardigan on top (under a massive coat and scarf of course)

Speaking of which, if you can afford to, invest in a couple great outerwear pieces. A good couple jumpers or cardigans, a jacket (bomber jackets are really on trend this season) and a warm winter coat can transform your wardrobe.

Finally, a good sturdy pair of boots will take you a long way. If you can afford to invest in a high quality pair, it can last you winter after winter. For those of us in the UK, when the wind and rain and sleet hits, a pair of winter boots with some thick socks can make you feel a whole lot warmer.


As always, everything I write here is just my personal preference. What Autumn/Winter makeup will look like varies from person to person. But my basic guideline is I take what I wear for night-time looks in Spring/Summer and tone them down for Autumn/Winter daytime. So my foundation goes almost completely matte, my eyeshadow gets smoky and my lip colours darker.

In summer I love to get my glow on (which is a very fine line to draw when you have such oily skin) with less coverage, a dewier finish, and a bronzer with a slight shimmer. But for, Autumn/Winter, I am all about the matte finish. I still highlight, because Naturally Tiss has gotten me addicted to that glow, but it’s subtler and my contour gets deeper and darker. My blush is as subtle as always, but I go for more mauve and raspberry tones.

For eye looks, my go-to smoky eye gets darker and the gold tones lean more towards bronze and copper tones, over brighter yellow golds or rose golds. I use black eyeshadows more, even in daytime (albeit with a light hand) and my eyeliner comes in tighter to the eye.

My lip looks are all about deep colours: brown, red, purple and the occasional black or blue. Like my skin, the theme is matte and sculpted. I use lip liner to carve out the sharp lip line, exaggerating the slight upturn of my lips and my cupids bow.

Holiday season!

Of course, Autumn/Winter also brings with it the holiday season. If you’re social life is more interesting than mine, you may well have events to attend around Halloween, Bonfire Night (for Brits), Thanksgiving (for Americans), Winter Holodays (be that Christmas, Eid, Hannukah, the Solstice or any other) and the New Year. It would be really expensive to buy entire outfits for all these events, so I’m gonna do what I can to make it as cheap and easy as possible.

Opt for separates

As beautiful as that indigo floor-length sequined sheath dress with the high neck and plunging back is, people may well notice if you wear it more than once in the same 3-month period. If you don’t mind that, then skip this section and rock that knock-out piece! For those like me who would find that mortifying, my biggest tip is to opt for separates. You find a phenomenal skirt? Pair it with different tops, jackets and accessories and you have 3 or 4 outfits from the same item. Plus, it seriously boosts value for money.

Accessories are your friend

There are some outfits that just aren’t complete without that perfect pair of earrings or statement clutch. ‘’Work with that’’. You can take the same simple little black dress (or in my case, little black jumpsuit) and wear it half a dozen different ways by changing your shoes, or belt or jacket. For instance, I have a black cape that I simply ‘’adore’’. It adds instant drama to any outfit and I can wear it a bunch of times without looking too predictable or played out. Plus, changing accessories can take an outfit from day-to-night with minimal fuss. So that same little black dress, or blue trouser suit goes from office wear to an awesome party outfit with a pair of heels and a graphic necklace. Makeup also helps here; a more dramatic lip colour or thickened eyeliner can make such a difference.

As always, take you what you like and leave what you don’t. Experiment and have fun; it’s really not all that serious.


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