Content Warning: Love Romance Poetry
Oh no here we go again
See there’s a boy 
(I know!)
He seems kind and good
And he talks about oppression
With the voice of someone 
Who understands
And he’s got that gentle smile
That turns my insides to liquid
That makes my spine tingle
That makes my skin ignite
But I remember
All the gentle smiles
That turned my world upside down
That shook me to the core
And left me, ultimately, broken
I remember pretty words from pretty men
Pretty promises that turn to ash in my mouth
I remember that the devil can seduce
With love as well as lust
And I wonder why I don’t fall in love with women more
Girls who know what it is to be hurt by boys
Girls who’re satin over steel, like me
Girls who’ve been broken and rebuilt so many times
That they’re mostly superglue between cracks
And I remember
All the girls who turned my world
Upside down
Who seeped in the spaces that boys had left
And filled them with poison
I remember pretty words from pretty lips
Pretty girls who turned me to dust
After we’d kissed
In the bar or club or their teenage bedroom
After we’d made love
And suddenly they lost interest
I remember that hearts can be broken 
In a million different ways
By people who’ve been broken too

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Jacqueline Hyde is a disabled Romani activist, writer, and model. They live in Norwich, England with four cats and a long-suffering netflix subscription. You can find them on facebook, twitter and instagram. Please consider supporting them directly, on Patreon.