New Year’s Eve is great. Unless you haven’t got a party to go to or people to hang out with, then its not so great. Maybe you’ve moved to a new city, are drying out and don’t want to risk the temptation or just don’t like parties. Whatever it is, I present to you ten things to do if you’re alone on New Year’s Eve (and if there’s a whole bunch of you avoiding the party scene then a lot of these scale up to a great party alternative).

Make a Blanket Fort

Or a couch fort, you are never too old. Bring everything you want for the night in there or have it ready in the fridge/kitchen for easy retrieval and settle in for the night.


It doesn’t have to be Netflix—as a side note I enjoy the way Netflix is now a verb. Take a night to marathon that series you’ve been meaning to catch up on or shamelessly binge watch the type of movies that can only be described as brain candy. Personally I advocate the latter because not only is it good for you to be shamelessly self-indulgent from time to time but New Year’s Eve is a traditional time to do it, even if it does usually look a little different. Make a cup of tea, curl up in your blanket fort and watch an entire season of Dr. Who back to back.


This one can even be semi social if you want, there’ll be a surprising number of people online in the various multi player platforms. However, if you just want to zone out until New Year’s Eve goes away you could do worse than immersing yourself into Final Fantasy or Diablo.

Cook a Really Elaborate Meal

A lot of you will have tomorrow off work to handle the clean-up and even if you don’t the food will be worth it. This is a night to try something you’ve wanted to for ages, or to make a three or four course meal out of things you’re good at cooking and that you really, really like. Make extra if they’re dishes that will keep so you’ll have meals to reheat later, it’ll make you feel productive which is always nice and leads onto the next option.

Do Something Productive

Whether it’s working on your current craft project or not-quite-spring cleaning your apartment this is a good thing to do if you’re someone who likes to be busy and want to pretend this night isn’t any different from any other night you’re alone.

Absent Friends Project

Write letters to people you miss, people you’d spend the night with if you could. If you’re artistic make them cards (and I’m tempted to say put glitter in the envelope but I’m assuming you actually like your friends) or art of some kind and if you like baking make them cookies. Spending the night making nice things for people you care about will make you feel good.

A Long Bath

A really luxurious one, with candles, bubble bath and a novel. This is a great time to engage in this sort of self-care so if home spa treatments make you happy then break out the face masks and body lotion.

Review the Year

I’m not going to suggest making resolutions because almost no one keeps them. What I am going to suggest is taking some time to reflect over the past year and everything that’s happened. It could be five minutes thinking about all the things you’ve achieved or spending the night making a scrap book of the highlights so you’ll always remember. Maybe this year has been a terrible one for you, and all you can think about is how glad you are that it’s over. Take some time to think about what you want from the next one, write out a list of goals that feel achievable and start planning out the steps to get to them.


Or run through katas, or meditate. Engage in some form of activity that makes you feel in tune with your body and calms your mind. The endorphins will be an extra bonus.

Treat it like any other night

This one’s for the people who really hate New Year’s Eve or for whatever reason want to pretend it isn’t happening this year. Close the curtains, turn off the tv, log out of social media and go about your day like its any other, or at least any other day when your internet goes down. Call your Grandma, I bet she’d like to hear from you, or go to bed early and use the hours when no one else is awake the next morning to do something nice for yourself.

Whatever you do this year remember to take care of yourself and be nice to yourself.