If only a matter of hours
Is all that divides us two,
And I still can hardly wait,
How will I not devour
Every luscious inch of you
Until our thirsts at last abate?

And if merely miles are all
That part -- that sunder you from me,
When we finally unite,
Which of us will be more enthralled?
Who’ll be the liability?
And how the hell will we say goodnight?

Good fun, my love, my dearest…wait.
I’m not supposed to call you that.
Reveals too much what’s in my head,
It does, and you scarcely give eight
Months to me to marvel at
Such things as inches aforesaid…

And cunning words that jack and splice,
Looks that convey more than could words,
And, oh my god, a damn laugh that
Gives my stomach not butterflies
But fully-formed, squawking birds,
Renders my heart an acrobat,

Doing flips, squats, and jumping jacks,
Like a sloppy deejay, skipping beats.
You make how you drive me insane
Gold tinder for this prose I wax.
She who learns not history repeats
The same errors time and again…

It’s merely a matter of time.


Jahnn is a student researcher, Steven Universe fan, and rap enthusiast who enjoys good books and cute texts.