Content Warning: fatphobia, suicide
Fay is the frame of the queer androgyne.
Full is the figure that I must call mine.
Fold is the back making room for a bra.
Fall is the action of gravity’s law.
Flip is an hourglass turned on its head.
Fuck is what thin people do in a bed.
Fine is the dapper dyke rocking a blazer.
Flood is the blood that will drain from this razor.
Flab is the stuffing no razor can flay.
Floor is the Ladies’, ma’am, follow this way. 
Face is a so pretty it’s really a shame.
Fate is the freedom to give this a name.

— Samantha Pious


My first book, A Crown of Violets (Headmistress Press, 2015), provides a selection of the French poetry of the lesbian writer Renée Vivien in English translation. Some of my poems and translations have appeared in Adrienne, Lavender Review, Mezzo Cammin, and other publications.