Content Warning: biphobia transphobia

1. Does want a threesome, but not with anyone in her friend circle. This disappoints the bi community because she embodies a stereotype that they are fighting against as we'll as her non-­bi friends because they aren’t gonna get any.

2. Has a preference, but will not respond when asked which one. Because unless you want to get with her, does it matter?

3. But whatever her preference is, she’s prob gonna end up with a straight man because the dating pool is just bigger there. Has resigned herself to that fate.

4. Doesn’t get the Ruby Rose thing.

5. Touches all your faves with her dirty queer hands and makes them bi. Alexander Hamilton? Bi now! Luke Skywalker? Bi­ier than the binary star system he grew up in. Wonder Woman? It ain’t no lie, she’s bi, bi, bi!

6. Calls herself gay because it takes a lot of breath to say “I’m bisexual and that means I’m attracted to genders like mine and other genders!”

7. Knows Dan Savage has made shitty comments about bi people. Still considers him her internet uncle she can call for sex advice.

8. Fails to fulfil the stereotype of having ALL THE SEX ALL THE TIME. She doesn’t have any of the sex. Not even a little of the sex. It’s kind of a problem in her life.

9. When her straight (?), cis (?) professor said that her identity was transphobic because it implied that she was only attracted to two genders, she couldn’t defend herself, her community and it’s trans members. Like a fish on land gasping for air it cannot breathe, she tried to find words and choked.


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