Content Warning: dysphoria transphobia
My flat chest
My breaking voice
My body hairs

All that and more
Made me stop skipping
Like a little girl

The blood from my nose
My Scarlet Letter

Never was a little girl
Or little boy present

Not so easy
Never so binary
Black & White with me

My best closet
My eyes & my hair

My dysphoria.
My cross to bare.

Living in closets.
Too many doors to open.
Even now, graying, hairline reseading

Doors of dysphoria.
Even a hidden pot plant in a closet
Needs a light to live

Or other

An it
A they
A them, my name

A girl needs heat
A boy needs cold:
That is how we are grown

A was a flower
Stepped on
Grew broken

I'm old.
My leaves are brownish at my ends
My sex still undetermined

Even though my seeds walk this ground.
My boys:
Even though I refused to socialize them

With blood, with names
With violence
With socialized.

I have buds
My outie is more innie

My Xes and my Ys
My me.


Long time bisexual activist