I’ll admit that my feelings towards a “vampire webseries” at first weren’t exactly positive, given how burnt out we all are with the genre thanks to Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, and various movies. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike vampires at all but there definitely was an abundance within literature and media for a while there. So, I will tell you that the ‘’Carmilla’' Youtube series was surprisingly refreshing, fun, hilarious, and addicting.

Now, if you’re like me you didn’t know that this series was based off an actual gothic novella by the same name predating Bram Stoker’s ‘’Dracula’’. Written by Joseph Sheridan La Fanu, ‘’Carmilla’' is one of the earliest vampire fiction stories and is about a woman narrating how a female vampire preyed off of her. So here in this webseries we have a modern retelling of this story.

It is set in Austria at a fictional university, and we are introduced to Laura, the co-star played by Elise Bauman, through her vlogging for a Journalism project about her missing roommate. Laura is a major nerd, who is lovingly adorable and (sometimes unnervingly) passionate about everything. During Laura’s investigation we meet her dorm neighbours and friends, who are always there to help. Then comes along Laura’s new roommate, Carmilla, played by Natasha Negovanlis, an angsty, messy, brooding, and strange bookworm whom Laura instantly dislikes and doesn’t trust.

Season one follows Laura and her friends and their ongoing investigation to find missing girls, only to find many secrets hide within Silas University; the biggest being Carmilla is a vampire, as well as her “adopted” mother, the Dean of the university.

Every twenty years Carmilla would lure girls to her mother, and their demise, until one day Carmilla fell in love with Ell, one of the targets. For her betrayal of her mother she was tortured and locked away from the world for decades. Since her release, nearly a century ago, Carmilla has cooperated with her mother, but still found ways to help the girls to escape when she could. Now, at Silas University, Laura has become the new target and Carmilla vows to do everything in her power to keep Laura from being taken. Season one ends with Carmilla nearly dying to save Laura, which blossoms a loving relationship between the two and a welcoming of the vampire into the friend group.

Within season two we see a lot of the main group has moved into a mansion together, and the relationship between Laura and Carmilla has deepened. However, their relationship is then quickly challenged only to fall apart after the introduction of Carmilla’s sister, Matska “Mattie” Belmonde, who becomes one of the main villains of the season. Carmilla is having difficulty living up to Laura’s heroic, “good natured vampire” ideology that Carmilla herself had set at the end of season one. However, relationships naturally have their setbacks, especially between a human and a vampire, and this is just one of the many topics touched on this season.

In conclusion, I highly recommend ‘’Carmilla’' because it’s easy to get into (there are 36 4-7 minute episodes each season and a Christmas special), the characters and actresses are endearing, and the story progression is entertaining, heartbreaking, and fun. Not to mention this entire show is very LGBT friendly! Season 3 (and sadly its final season) will pick back up this summer with only 12 episodes, so keep your eyes peeled on the Youtube channel KindaTV.

If you find yourself falling in love with this show and it’s actors you can watch a few of them doing other projects on KindaTV. Kaitlyn Alexander (who plays S. Lafontaine, a queer and non-binary student on ‘’Carmilla’' and in real life) co-stars with Sharon Belle (Danny Lawrence, the tall redhead on ‘’Carmilla’') on ‘’Couple-ish’'; a webseries about two roommates pretending to be in love so Belle’s character can gain citizenship. Also, Natasha Negovanlis (who has her own series on KindaTV called Nat’s Kinda Life) and Elise Bauman star alongside one another in the feature film, Almost Adults.


I was raised as a military brat in Hawaii and Italy, then came to Indiana University for my undergrad and currently reside in Bloomington, IN. I'm heavily interested in comics, video games, Star Trek, and my growth as a bisexual within everything.