Because the editor is ill and also a benevolent overlord she's going to share this with you. It won't fix your life but it might clear out your sinus' (isn't that a lovely mental image). Its vaguely inspired by hot and sour soup and all the things in it are supposedly medicinal (note: still not a doctor, this will not cure you, go seek out proper medical advice).


  • Chili oil
  • Two thumbs of ginger
  • Six garlic cloves (bare minimum, add more, you'll love it)
  • Six spring onions or a whole white or red onion
  • Chicken or vegetable broth, enough to fill a medium pot
  • Soy Sauce
  • Rice of Chinkiang vinegar

You want to dice and fry up the ingredients in the chili oil (if you don't have that substitute some other oil and fry a chili pepper in it, or add chili flakes, go wild). Then pour in the broth, add the soy sauce and vinegar to taste and simmer. This will make a lot of soup, like many bowls full and you can cook rice in it if you're able to eat more than fluids. Next time you're sick make yourself some of this, you'll appreciate it.