Content Warning: violence
At so many points
In your life
you thought
Would fix everything wrong
with your body & your mind.

You were wrong about that.
Purging only works for a while.
Your body just craves,
And you will just binge again.
It is a cycle.

You will consume
the good and the bad
the new and the torn
Until all of your scars
Come back to the surface.
And you will have to choose.

The scars are what made you.
They are the wounds
You got being yourself.
The stuff in your closets are bandages
that hide old trauma.

Old scars are the hardest to heal
As they have lived just underneath your skin forever.
Self medicating helped you survive
But always,
They will come back to your skin
And you will pick scabs until you bleed.

This is the cycle.
It goes back forever.
On your skin, in your body
Forever has ever made you an "other".
Owning and healing is the only fix.

You will have to purge again.
Redo your meds,
Get rid of the poisons,
Take different drugs.
Remember you are beautiful as GOD made you.

So let old scars come to the surface,
Remove the bandages, point to them but don't itch.
Let them see light and heal.
Bring them out of the closets
& move on toward being whole.


Long time bisexual activist