I’m closing my eyes now. There’s nothing in this world worth seeing. Better to hide my eyes behind closed lids than take them out. Take them out. Take them out. Take them out, like every innocent man in the eyes of the law. Forget moral fiber, it’s our fatal flaw. Circle our A’s and cross our stripes, this world is more concerned with order than human lives. One nation under god? More like “purification” under fraud. Society is in a landslide like it’s rained for 40 days. They've built an ark, but have forgotten the blacks and gays. While the media says we’re free, they've forgotten equality. Flip the calendar back 50 years and check out tomorrow’s news screen. It’s a bigot’s nightmare, and an activist’s bad dream. How do we fix this, what do we do? How about we take a shot of acceptance to muddle our world view. Or better yet, change the system that our country deemed fit. While politicians simply close their eyes, and forget about it.


*Ashton Lee* is an American writer and musician. He is a white, cisgender male, but rejects sexist gender roles. He is currently unpublished, and will be attending Baylor University to pursue a degree in the English field.