Content Warning: envy revelation feelings fear sex lives
When we say we’re gay, bi or lesbian,
 The reaction’s often a nervous one
 Not because of our orientation
 But because sexual revelation
 Is to some a troubling one
 Creating feelings that to some are queer,
 Feelings that strike at the heart of their fears,
 The fear our sex lives are better than theirs.


I love science. And technology. I make a living writing textbooks for computer science for both high school and college. I have just completed a book on Intelligent Machines, which focusses on robotics and artificial intelligence. I am writing a new STEM-oriented textbook on creating algorithms for 3D fabrication with a concentration on virtual reality.

I also write other books: There's my snarky satire, "Tiger Woods: Ten Ways to Play the Lie,: and novels like "Masterspies Die Laughing," tongue-in-cheek satire, and "Revelations," a Sci-Fi take on human gullibility which is being published next January," and my current work in progress, "Josie," which explores the world of androgyny and a young man who falls in love without knowing whether the person he adores from afar is male or female.

I am also the founding editor of, an online, contemporary exploration of life through prose, poetry, music, and art. I love observing and commenting on the foibles of life with humorous and occasionally insightful epigrams.

My diary is named Parrhesia, which means to speak candidly about literally everything. Embedded in the US Constitution, parrhesia was also a fundamental element of classical Athenian democracy that embraced the right to question, criticize, or satirize, as well as the right to ridicule, a literary device that Aristophanes used so freely in his plays. It first appears in Euripides 'Hippolytus (line 422; performed in 428 B.C.) and Ion (lines 672, 675; of uncertain date).

Today, Americans expect and demand the truth not only in courts, political arenas, and assemblies, but in business, private discourse, and even personal relationships. Parrhesia. I see what I see, I write what I feel, I paint with words, the world.

Wielding burrs and barbs in verse CitizenPoet comments in ways diverse using a unique form of poetic justice to lampoon and skewer the indignities of human foibles and stupidities.

My wife and I are both bi, have been together for 40 years, and have devoted our lives to achieving equality and LGBT rights, both in supporting like-minded politicians, campaigning in state and national elections, and gather signatures on the many petitions that supported the first in the nation legalizations of marriage equality. I am a former member of the Board of Directors of the Bisexual Resource Center in Boston and my wife and I currently support a variety of bisexual initiatives both financially and with enthusiasm.