Content Warning: biphobia ableism racism alcoholism

Coming out of bi week here’s what we’ve been reading.

How Understanding Bisexuality Helps Us Understand God

Ashley Birt draws some interesting parallels between bisexuality and the dual nature of Christ.

More People Are Identifying As Bisexual—And That's Great!

Emily Zak interviews Shiri Eisner and talks about the challenges posed by and to bisexuals, the radical nature of bisexuality and activism.

I'm Bi, Married and Proud

A.J. Walkley talks about being a married bisexual and why despite this she’ still out and an activist. Her answer will be obvious to those of us in the community, here’s hoping the sort of people who keep asking that question will read it.

Jim and Tonic

Funny and accurate comic strip about bisexual erasure.

What it's really like being an alcoholic in your twenties

Biscuit ed Lottie talks about her alcoholism, how it intersects with her mental illness and the difficulties faced by women addicts. As this is something a disproportionate number of bi people suffer from its especially worth a read.

Why are Murderous White Men Considered Mentally Ill While People of Color are Terrorists

Elial Cruz talks about how mental illness is scapegoated to excuse white male violence, while violence is presumed natural to people of colour.

I was at the Stonewall riots. The movie ‘Stonewall’ gets everything wrong

Mark Segal talks about who the Stonewall riot really involved as someone who was there and the ways the movie doesn’t measure up.

Interactive Self Care Guide

This is such a good idea. I have no idea who made this so if you know get in touch and I’ll update this to add their name.