Content Warning: transphobia

You may be aware that the UK government recently received a petition, with enough signatures that they were required to review it, requesting that trans people be allowed to decide on their own legal gender rather than being forced to perform their gender in front of a panel in the hopes of being found convincing. Their response can be found here, where it not only rejects the petitions request but denies the hardships trans people experience under the current system while upholding a cisnormative world view.

I’m not going to discuss the government’s response any further beyond that because actual trans people all over the web are already doing so. This article is to suggest some reading and point you at resources for things you can do.

Stonewall’s Response

Jessy Parker Humphrey’s writes about this from a personal and community perspective.

List of MP’s and Candidates who support the aims of the petition.

The #nospecificdetriment on twitter and tumblr is a place for non-binary people to share the specific detriment the government doesn’t think they suffer from.

The Scottish Trans Alliance is running this survey on the experience of non-binary people in the UK, not just Scotland.

As always we welcome our trans readers to submit opinion pieces, personal stories or anything else on this topic to us. We want to do everything we can to support your community so let us know. We also encourage everyone to @ us into their tweets and tumblr posts on this and weight into the discussion.