Do you want to support excellent Bisexual creators when buying presents this holiday season? Are you looking for bisexual pride themed accessories? We have a (currently short) list for you!


Earrings made by two bi girls.

Badges, bi pride and others.

Sells hand sewn scented sachets, some of which are pride themed.

Sells hand made beaded jewellery.

Mostly bi pride themed crochet, including pendant chokers.

More bi pride themed crochet.

Paintings from a bisexual artist.

Bi pride, trans pride, ace pride and feminist buttons, patches and more. Also sells zines.



Pride clothing.

Books and bi themed accessories.

Bisexual pride designs on t-shirts, homeware and accessories.

Bisexual pride t-shirts and accessories.

Hand spun yarns and knitting/crochet.

Our store! Support the magazine while showing off bi pride by buying one of our t-shirts!

If you want your own shop to be added to this list let us know!