Content Warning: racism rape biphobia sexual assault fetishization

Have you ever witnessed a Black bisexual woman who proclaimed “I am proud to be bisexual!!”, and thought to yourself why on earth would she be proud?

Pride is a feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired. (Google Dictionary)

  1. Being an out black bisexual woman can be a deeply unsatisfying on an emotional level. It is an extremely isolating existence. On a romantic or sexual level we are on a constant state of hypervigilance about not being fetishized or sexually assaulted. Those of us who live among biphobic family and community are suffocating. Experiencing transphobia and bigotry towards our gender identity and gender expression is a daily war. The risk for deportation or death depending on where we live on the planet is enough to push us over the edge. Our spiritual beliefs are dismissed. Having to pretend to be lesbian or gay so we don’t lose our queer friendships or partner(s) is unconscionable - but we bisexuals know it’s a reality we face so we can prevent being alone.
  2. There is not much of an offline community for bisexual people of color. An offline community that is able to meet in person (without alcohol or romance/sex being the center of the event). It’s lonely if you really want to hangout with another bi person of color and have a good platonic time.

So why be proud to be bi?

  • You have the deep satisfaction knowing that you are alive. Staying alive is a HUGE achievement.
  • You have the capacity to have emotional, romantic and/or sexual attractions for more than one gender which is pretty amazing.
  • You belong to a long history of bisexual artists, leaders, professionals, writers, musicians, actors, politicians, and poets.
  • You have the option to discreetly or publicly create a bisexual people of color support group in your own local area, build services that you think your community needs, and reach out to those who have successfully done so.

by gwendolynhenry and Maz. E Image Credit: