Content Warning: rape assault abuse

CW: mentions of rape, assault and abuse; swearing Dear Bi women of color community,

We are writing this open letter to address our observations regarding anger, activism and attention.

Anger can get people to listen and follow you on Tumblr, Twitter, FB and Instagram. Anger can also incite fear, anxiety, and turn people away.

Anger, like stating: Fuck you and your fucking white supremacist patriarchal cis gender heteronormative standards. You are bullshit. Fuck you biphobic assholes who rape, assault and emotionally torture us Bi trans, non-binary and cis women with your presumptuous shit. Fuck you if you presume we are all cis femmes with light skin privilege. Fuck you for not recognizing that we are trans, non-binary, genderqueer, genderfluid, studs, bois, butches, and androgynous. Fuck you for assuming and NOT ASKING a damn question nor engage with us.

Now did we get your attention? Did that provide you with warmth, comfort, a feeling of safety and rejuvenation? Did that bring you closer to the bi community and increase your sense of bi pride?

Depending on your culture expressing incessant anger, complaints or frustration is a method for solidarity and brings people together. However, expressing incessant non constructive anger also can bring disharmony, anxiety and agitation - throwing off a general sense of self and community wellness. ————Balance and clear communication is key.———– BIWOC is an organization that supports for its followers, fans, volunteers, online and offline community members to share ALL emotions. Our spaces are NOT just for incessant non constructive anger. We are not in the business of cussing in all our posts to drive a point, even though we know that if we do so we can draw more followers. We are in the business of building a community that allows folks a break from non constructive anger, break and stop mental health bigotry, decrease emotional isolation, and cease emotional toxicity and biphobia. We are in the business of providing a space in which to heal. We are in the business of emotional support. In community, Maz E and gwendolynhenry Image Source: [www.]