Content Warning: rape sex slurs

Biphobia is me in school at 14 years old being outed by somebody I trusted because they didn't think it was a big deal.

Biphobia is countless boys asking me if I've had a threesome or if I'd "like" a threesome when they find out my sexuality. It's countless boys assuming I'm sexually active and propositioning me because they assume bisexuality and promiscuity go hand in hand.

Biphobia is staring straight down at the floor and being too scared to look up in the girls changing rooms because other girls were vocally disgusted by my presence.

Biphobia is the girl who approached me when I was 14 and told me I was trying to be trendy.

Biphobia is looking around the dining room and having a girl scream d*ke at me because my gaze lingered on her for a moment.

Biphobia is getting my first boyfriend and having everyone assume I was straight now and stop including me in discussions about sexuality. Biphobia is my first boyfriend telling me he wouldn't care if I cheated on him with a girl because it doesn't count and it's sexy. It's my dad finding out I had a boyfriend and making homophobic jokes the very same day, assuming that he could be comfortable knowing I was straight now.

Biphobia is 46.1% of bi women experiencing rape, and being part of the statistic. It's having boys objectify you and view you as dirty or kinky just because you like girls and/or non-binary people.

Biphobia is constantly being interrogated about your sexual history. It's being 16 and assuring everyone that you've had sex with girls, just so that they'll take your sexuality seriously.

Biphobia is straight people and gay people ignoring your voice. It's having your sexuality erased at every turn, then it's being asked to be grateful about it. Be grateful that nobody thinks you're gay enough or straight enough. Be grateful that nobody wants you in their community.


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