Content Warning: ponies

Welcome to Ponyville!

Hold up! Pony what? Come on, you’re just making up stuff!

Imagine telling Princess Twilight Sparkle that SHE doesn’t exist? Ponyville is all in HER imagination.

For real?

She searched for it and it was no where to be found on the interweb!

Teehee! I’m glad you were just playing - that would be too much now!

I’m in the 6th grade and I know I have the potential to like her, him and them. Not necessarily at the same time. Not necessarily in the same way. I trust what I feel. I don’t trust to tell you.

Princess Twilight Sparkle - the main character of the show My Little Pony was once a unicorn and by a magical mystery cure she transformed into a alicorn.

How magical is that!

Princess Twilight is also known to be a Librarian. Her field of study is the Magic of Friendship. She feels secure and comfortable in her home/job at Golden Oak Library. Sometimes she has a hard time leaving the safe space of her library. Yet she takes initiative, takes risk, is embraced by other ponies that get her!

I feel for her it is uncomfortable to repeatedly come out you may be rejected or challenged on what you know to be true.

Our vibrant and supportive Bi community spans all across the globe. We go by many names: Bisexual, Biromantic, Pansexual, Fluid, Queer, Multisexual, Polysexual, or Pomosexual, yet we have one aspect in common. We are attracted to more than 1 gender.

On Bi Pride Day I’m coming out as a My Little Pony fan!

Pink, Purple and Blue. Bi colors. Bi Pride. Princess Twilight Sparkle colors. We are part of the rainbow and each one of us has something special that makes us different that makes us rare so

Let the Rainbow Remind you that together we will always shine.

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This article was originally published on September 23rd 2014 on the author's personal blog. Gwendolyn Henry, EdM, MSLIS is a writer, librarian, archivist, mental health advocate, and vegan personal chef. She is the founder of Bisexual Women of Color (BIWOC), an online and in-person support and discussion group based in Boston, MA. She was recently awarded the 2014 Unsung Hero Award by the Bisexual Resource Center for her work in the Boston bi community and for founding bi women of color and bi people of color social and support groups.