Whether you want to save money, are interested in frugality/waste reduction or just really like the idea of growing your own food but live in an apartment regrowing spring onions from the cut ends is for you. Its incredibly easy and the technique can be applies to celery, cabbage, lettuce and fennel as well once you’ve got the hang of it. Its about the right time of year to plant these if you live in the Northern hemisphere anyway, so now’s clearly the time to experiment with vegetables.

Take the discarded root ends of your spring onions and put them in a jar with water coming almost up to their tops.

spring onions in jar

This is not a good picture and I'm sorry.

Do not be tempted to skip this stage and plant them straight in the soil, because even if you keep it moistened to a mudlike consistency it won’t actually work. Of the two I tried this with one sprouted about a week later than the ones put right in the water and continues to grow much slower, and the other one just sits there sadly.

Look how sad this is.

sad onions

Once your spring onions have put out some new green growth its time to repot them. Stick your finger about a knuckle deep into the soil like so (or less if you cut the end shorter)


Put the sprouting vegetable into the hole, firm up the soil around it and you’re done. Now you just have to water it at least every other day and wait. The best part is that when they’re ready you don’t have to uproot them and start the process again, you can just snip them off above the root and they’ll continue to regrow.