Bitopia is a web magazine created by and for the bisexual community. We publish articles on bisexuality and other LGBT issues, as well as general interest pieces ranging from book reviews to recipes, all written by bisexual or biromantic authors.

The purpose of Bitopia isn't just to host and produce bi content, though that’s definitely a key part of it. It’s also to provide a magazine and community space where the default assumption is of bisexuality or biromanticism rather than the hetero- or homonormativity of most other media, providing a relief from the constant erasure and marginalisation bi people experience in daily life.

Bitopia is free to read and we want to keep it that way, but this means we need to raise money for hosting. We would also love to be able to pay our writers and contributors and so any money we raise over hosting costs will go towards that. We’re relying on you, the bi community, to help us keep this bi community space running.